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07 May

How to stay fit while travelling! 

Heres 5 tips to stay fit without affecting your experience!

1 -Keep your workouts quick!

don’t; believe the more you workout the more results you will get. Apart from being not true its also a deterrent from stopping you from working out. IF you keep your workouts short and intense to 10 to 15 minute bursts. Theres nothing stopping you from every morning waking up and saying yes I can do that 10 minute workout .

2 –  Workout in the morning 

We all know it! when you travel absolutely anything can happen! You can meet someone, end up in a pub etc etc. The second you wake up get that 10 minute workout out of the way and then its done! 

3 – Walk almost any chance you can get!

You’ll save money, burn a lot of calories and get a feel for the city! Its not the biggest calorie burner but it adds up!

4 – Set yourself daily challenges 

Every time you see a set of stairs tell yourself you will run up them.

5 – FOOD!

Don’t over eat! have fun but just limit the amount you take. 

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